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Vehicle logbook servicing

We offer logbook services in Perth on any make and model without compromising your new car warranty.

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Some dealerships misleadingly tell you that to ensure the validity of your new car warranty, you must:

  • Ensure that all services are carried out as per Australian Scheduled maintenance and service requirements, and the service.
  • History coupons in your logbook are stamped by the manufacturer’s authorised repairer e.g. Hyundai.
  • Keep detailed service invoices for review whenever requested.
  • Present your vehicle Service Passport to the manufacturer’s authorised dealer, whenever requesting warranty repairs.
  • Deliver your vehicle to the manufacturer’s authorised dealer for all warranty repairs and recalls.
  • Collect your vehicle promptly following completion of the warranty work.

Although your dealership may have told you that to keep your new car warranty your vehicle must be serviced by them and only them…this is simply not true.

The Truth

Scheduled log book service can also be carried out by a qualified technician who is employed by a licensed repairer. Providing such that either genuine or OEM quality aftermarket parts and lubricants are used, the warranty requirements are fulfilled under your new car’s logbook servicing guidlines.

Our team is fully qualified, licensed and always use quality lubricants, coolants and service parts – ensuring not only that your warranty remains intact, but that you get a top quality service, every time.

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We can also perform brake and clutch repair and offer servicing and repairs on all makes and models.

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